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Affiliate Program

Earn Life Time Income with Affiliate Program

Want make money ? If yes here is your palace to make money.

If You are a blogger, or you have YouTube Channel, or you have website you can link to us. Our system very easy and only our platform offer Life Time income Guarantee. We setup system very easy. Use your Affiliate code in your Blog , YouTube, or In your Website. If any user register with This affiliate code this user will be yours forever. There is no limit to earn and there is no time limit. If user ship with us 10 years you will have 10 years income from this user. Some user spent over $50.000 a year with us. Average user spend $2500 a year. How many user you can have. 100? Or 500? User, Lets Start and See.

Here is Your Income List:


Earn $10 for Each Qualified user.

(When user register he will have $10 credit in his account, and when he start shipping we will transfer $10 to your Account)


Earn 5% total commission from user shipping Fee in first year.

( When user start shipping we will transfer 5% of total shipping cost to Your account . Some user spent $50.000 a year )


Earn 1% total commission from user shipping Fee for Rest Of Your LIFE.

( When User register with your affiliate Code this user will be yours forever . You will earn 1% shipping commission after 1 year registration )

How To Start:


First Register with us.

(When you register you will receive Affiliate code in your "Home Page" Remember Registration is FREE)


Start Promote ShiptoBox with Your affiliate code in Your Social Media.

( This code will give to new user $10 registration credit same time with registration. They can use this code any time , still is your code. )


Request Pay Out any Time or Transfer to Your Friend.

( You can request Pay Out or Transfer to your friend for shipping credit any time. Or use yourself for Personal Assistant Service or as a shipping fee )

Affiliate Terms And Conditions