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How BuyForMe Works
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How BuyForMe Works
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How BuyForMe Works
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BuyForMe Service?

We purchase the item(s) and receive it at our warehouse for you. The order quotation includes item fee & BuyForMe Fee. All your items will be stored in our warehouse safely and wait for your regular mail forwarding orders. When you place shipping orders, you need to pay shipping fee separately.

What is Product (Item) Price?

If you select 1 Laptop ($349.99), your Item Price is = $349.99.
If you select 1 Laptop ($349.99) and 1 pair of shoes ($49.00), your Item Price is = $349.99 + $49.00 = $398.99

What is BuyForMe Fee?

ShipToBox BuyForMe fee is $8 + 8% of the Item Price. This fee will cover ShipToBox operation cost (customer care center, warehouse operation, and credit card transaction cost). If you select 1 Laptop ($349.99), BFM fee will be $8 + $27.99 = $35.99. If you add a pair of shoes ($49.00), the fee will be $8 + $27.99 + $3.92 = $39.91 (Note: This fee may change according to your shipping country and Item Value).

Does My Payment include International Shipping Fee?

NO. It does not. You pay for the item fee and BuyForMe fee only. We will let you know your items weight in LB or KG when we receive your item(s). You will be paying additional shipping fee to ship this product to you. Please see sample of the Item Weight and Shipping Fee to your Country.

Does My Payment Include Customs Duty and Taxes?

NO. It does not. You pay for the item fee and BuyForMe fee only. Each item is subject to customs clearance in the destination country. While some items can be imported duty and tax free, some others will attract duty and taxes. ShipToBox is only responsible for buying your item and shipping it to you with your currier choice. You will be responsible to pay duty and taxes when the item arrives to your country. Please check your country customs duty and tax rates and regulation before placing an order. Country Details