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Shop From USA with ShipToBox
Pickup Services

How Easy and Cost Saving

Find Your Product Which One
You Want To Buy
Buy your product from USA stores and
ship to our warehouse before coming to us.
When we receive your items we will
inform you. We will keep the product in our warehouse
Simply come and pickup your product or
we will ship to you with best rate

Why You Need ShipToBox?

  • You will visit New York USA within next 3-6 months
  • Buy from USA stores any time within discount season
  • Do not spend your time just to buy product at your visit ( enjoy with your travel !! )
  • Do not just stock with your travel destinations on USA for shopping

What is Personal Assistant Service Fee?

  • Registration free for all members
  • Buy all your items without Tax
  • Pay only $10 for each box when you pick up
  • Pay $0.25 each lbs for Business plan and $0.5 for Standard plan after first 10 lbs for each box
Example: Digital Camera ( 4 lbs ) Pay only $10 for pickup Bicycle ( 30 lbs ) Pay only $10 + $5 = $15

Our Customer Says About Us

George, UK

When we make travel plan to USA My friends give me so many special order, Ship To Box give me easy time to manage my friends order I just order online and pickup from Warehouse in 1 hour

May, Canada

I travel to USA so many times just for Shopping always I spend all my time to turn around from one store to others never enjoy with my travel ass a tourist now I just use Ship To Box and no need to spent time for between stores

Mike, France

I always late for discount season to shopping. When I travel all discount end already. Now I order my product online at discount season and save 50% from buying price plus I don't pay Sales Tax. I just go to Ship To Box warehouse and pickup my product, Easy and fast