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How BuyForMe Works
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How BuyForMe Works
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How BuyForMe Works
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How BuyForMe Works
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BuyForMe Service?

We provide nonstop service, from item purchasing to delivering to your door, including taking care of customs duty & taxes for you. The order quotation covers all related fees such as item fee, BuyForMe Fee, customs duties and VAT, broker fee. Broker fee will be calculated according to your item weight.

What is Product (Item) Price?

If you select 1 Laptop ($349.99), your Item Price is = $349.99.
If you select 1 Laptop ($349.99) and 1 pair of shoes ($49.00), your Item Price is = $349.99 + $49.00 = $398.99

What is Custom, VAT, Clearance Fee?

These fees are for Customs clearance which will be determined by each type of item and item value. We collect the fees when you place orders to ensure your item will be shipped faster. Depending on which destination country you are shipping to and its customs regulations, not all items might be assessed with these fees (VAT, clearance, customs fees).

What is Broker Fee?

This fee is for Customs clearance processing. Broker fees is calculated by item weight ($6.00 per Lbs.), so it won't show in the initial cost nor charged. After we receive your item, we will let you know your item weight and relative Broker Fee. Broker fee will be charged after determining your item weight. Broker Fee is calculated as sampled: 1 iPhone will be 3 lbs. x $6 = $18.00; 1 pair of shoes is about 4 lbs. x $6 = $24; 1 Shirt is 2 lbs. x $6 = $12.00; 1 Laptop is 10 lbs. x $6 = $60.00 Broker fee will vary by country. Please check broker fee before submitting your order. Item Weight Broker Fee

What is BuyForMe Fee?

ShipToBox BuyForMe fee is $8 + 8% of the Item Price. This fee will cover ShipToBox operation cost (customer care center, warehouse operation, and credit card transaction cost). If you select 1 Laptop ($349.99), BFM fee will be $8 + $27.99 = $35.99. If you add a pair of shoes ($49.00), the fee will be
$8 + $27.99 + $3.92 = $39.91 (Note: This fee may change according to your shipping country and Item Value).

Does My Payment Including International Shipping Fee?

We don't charge it. When you order with BuyForMe*, your international shipping is Free! BuyForMe* is not available for all countries.

Does My Payment Include Customs Duty and Taxes?

YES. Your BuyForMe* fee includes all Customs duty, taxes & clearance fee.