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What is ShipToBox?

ShipToBox is a shipping and shopping platform where you are provided with a US address to use it for online shopping from US retailers and shipping it from our US warehouse to your doorstep.

Can I start using my US shipping address immediately after I sign up?

Yes, once you register with us, your address will appear in your dashboard. Feel free to shop with this address and we will accept your package on your behalf. Some restrictions will be applied if your account is not fully verified.

We will accept your US Postal Service (USPS) packages only if you have completed and provided us Form 1583 and your photo ID. According to the United States Federal Law, we cannot receive any package or mail delivered by USPS until we receive the USPS Form 1583 and at least one form of photo identification from you. Please be aware that more than 30% of US sellers use USPS, especially if you choose "standard shipping" as your shipping method. Ensure that all your shipments include your full ShipToBox address including your street address and your unique suite number.

Do you offer any other services besides mail forwarding?

Yes. We provide shipping label service, so you can ship your packages from your US location to another country. And we also offer personal shopping assistance to purchase your items and ship it to you.

What is your policy regarding customer privacy and confidentiality?

As customer privacy comes first, it is our policy to never sell or give away any information about our customers, even shipment details. We operate using the most secure database server to store our customers’ information. For more details, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

Is there a setup or membership fee?

There is no setup fee for using our services. When you register with us, you will have two account type options, the business and the standard. The standard membership is free for a lifetime, and the business membership is $120/year. For more details and descriptions of the two membership, please refer to or contact our Customer Service Representative.

Is the US address provided considered a P.O Box? provides our members a complete street address (not PO Box) with a unique suite number. In addition to this address, our members will also get a US phone number to use when making online purchases. For example:

Tom Small
4060 N. Dupont Hwy
Suite 2, #TR00001
New Castle, DE 19720

What is credit card verification? How do I verify my credit card?

For your convenience and security purposes, we set this requirement to verify ownership of any new card submitted. An amount between $0.1 and $9.9 USD is charged to the card on file. We will refund this charge to your credit card after 24 hours.

An email will be sent to you to notify about the charge along with instructions to complete the verification process. Meanwhile, you can see notifications in your user dashboard.

To find out the amount charged, please check your credit card online statement or call your credit card issuer. Once known, log into your account, navigate to "My Credit Card #" section in your dashboard, and enter the amount in "Credit Card Verification" box. Or you can send an email to with your account number and the verification charge with the last four digits of your credit card number.

If the amount entered matches the amount charged, our system will approve the credit card to be used.

Please note your credit card may show additional handling fees, so make sure the amount you provided us does not include the handling fee. And the amount you enter to our system should be in US dollars, NOT your local currency (if other than USD).

  • Are there any hidden fees?

    No, there are no hidden fees. You can check the shipping rates as well as other services fees via this link:

    Please be advised that you are paying for ShipToBox services only. Any charges related to customs clearance (such as duty, taxes, brokerage, etc.) will be solely the customer’s responsibility to pay directly to the courier representative or local customs authorities.

    What if I need to pay with Western Union or Wire Transfer?

    Login to your account. You will find each payment method information on the right side of your dashboard.

    After making the transaction, go to your dashboard and click "Add Money" in your Safe Wallet, then complete the necessary/requested information, so we can check the transaction and approve the amount to your account.

    What can I do with my online account?

    Enjoy the full service by using your online account management tools.

    Ship My Boxes

    You can check the status of your box in this section. When your package is received in our warehouse, your box will appear here within 2 business days. Not only can you arrange shipping orders, but also request to return the box to the seller or destroy it if you do not need it anymore.

    My Order

    Check here the status of your order, cancel, hold, or even edit it.

    Make Payment / Add Credit

    Pay for your ready order by credit card, or by adding credits by card or bank transfer, so we can create the label and ship your package.

    Box History

    In this section, you can check the boxes you have shipped, cancelled, or destroyed.

    Order History

    In this section, you can check all past orders you shipped in your journey with ShipToBox as well as cancelled and returned boxes.

    Payment History

    Here you will find all the processed payments you have done with ShipToBox so far.

    Profile & Home / Dashboard

    You can change your account, payment, address, and personal information anytime. You can also set up your shipping preferences to save time when making shipping orders and download and upload necessary forms in this section.

    Some functions will be restricted if your account is not verified (missing documents, etc.). For example, without “Form 1583" and at least two valid "photo ID", you cannot request us to accept USPS mails for you. Without "credit card verification", you cannot make any payments with your credit card.

    How do I cancel my account?

    You need to request it by sending an email to For business membership, we will refund the membership fee if you cancel the service within 30 days from the registration date. However, if we receive any packages under your name or arrange any shipment for you within 30 days after registration, the membership fee cannot be refunded.

    How do I change my account type?

  • (a) Log into your account.
  • (b) Scroll down to "Account Information" > "Membership Type".
  • Is a "Signature of Agent/Notary Public" required on the USPS Form 1583?

    No, it is not required but recommended. You can choose to complete it or omit it.

    What is Form 1583? Why do I need to provide Form 1583 and two ID copies?

    According to the USPS Policy and US Federal Law, you need to provide a complete Form 1583 and two (2) ID copies (at least one must be a photo ID) to authorize us to accept mail under your name. Otherwise, we are not allowed to receive your USPS packages. Since USPS is a common carrier that many US retailers choose to ship domestically, your shopping will be more barrier-free if you can provide these necessary documents to us in advance.

    Can you scan my mail and e-mail me?

    Yes. We offer this service for an additional fee. Please contact our Customer Care Representative for more details.

    Can you receive a shipment under a company name?

    Unfortunately, we cannot receive or accept any parcels under a company name. Please make sure you entered your own name on the shipping address when checking out.

    When your warehouse receives my package, how do I know when it has been registered to my account?

    Once you made your order from any US seller and put our warehouse address, we will receive it and add it to your account within 2 business days. You will receive an email informing the relevant box has been registered to your account, and you can place a shipping order to wherever you need to send it to.

    What warehouse services do you offer?

    We do consolidation, repackaging, removing unnecessary extra packaging to reduce the size or adding more packaging to protect fragile items, and storage service for up to 90 days for free.

    How do I know the status of my order?

    You can check your order status from “My Order”, in your dashboard top section, and you can pay for it once it is ready from the warehouse side.

    What if my package is damaged during the shipping process?

    If your package was received damaged, or some items are missing, we will file a claim with the courier on your behalf. We strongly advise to check the condition of your packages upon delivery before signing/accepting it. If the package is damaged or some items are missing, please sign “box received damaged” or “damaged box” or “missing items/content”. This might further support your claim with the courier. Usually, couriers will refund the damaged or missing product at the value you insured or declared in the item list/commercial/proforma invoice.

    Please note you must report any damage/missing items within 7 business days from the delivery date, otherwise the claim will be denied.

    How much you charge for the insurance of my shipment?

    We provide up to $100 (USD) free insurance. If your item value is over $100, you can purchase additional insurance to protect the value of your shipment. Relevant fee is $2 for each additional $100 coverage. For example, if you select to cover your item for $300, we charge $4 insurance fee. Insurance Service is not available for USPS shipments.

    Will you consolidate my items into one package?

    We will always try to consolidate your items into one box per your instructions. Our shipping rates (per pound lbs.) decrease as the box weight increases, so it is always your benefit to have one large box sent instead of several small boxes. We will not charge you any consolidation-handling fee for the first two packages in each shipment. For additional packages, we will charge $3/package for Standard Membership or $2/package for Business Membership.

    What couriers do you use to send my merchandise and documents?

    For Express shipments, our primary couriers are DHL, FedEx, and Aramex. Our system will select the cheapest courier, or you can select your preferred courier. We also offer USPS Express Mail Service (EMS) And USPS Priority Mail Service.

    How long does my shipment take to reach me?

    We provide door-to-door air express service. The transit time depends on the courier you choose (see below).

  • FedEx Express: 2 - 4 days
  • FedEx Economy: 4 - 8 days
  • DHL Express: 2 - 4 days
  • Aramex: 8 - 12 days
  • EMS Express: 4 - 8 days
  • EMS Economy: 8 - 12 days
  • The above time is only an estimate. The shipment may deliver earlier or later than estimated depending on how customs clearance goes.

    How do I submit a shipping order?

  • (1) Login to your account.
  • (2) On your dashboard top section, click "Ship My Boxes" and select which box you want us to ship. If you want us to consolidate several packages into one large package, select multiple packages at once, then click "Ship My Box", then "submit".
  • (3) Leave any “special note” about your order, and select if you need other service request (i.e., remove price tag, etc.)
  • (4) Enter the shipping address, and complete the item list (item name, quantity, and unit value) for customs purposes.
  • (5) Select your preferred shipping courier, payment option, shipping purpose, and if your shipment needs insurance.
  • (6) Read and accept our terms and conditions, then click "submit".
  • Our Warehouse will process your shipping order in the order they were received during working hours.