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Can I Start Using My U.s Shipping Address Immediately After I Sign Up?

Yes, Once You Register With Us, Your Address Will Show Up In Your Dashboard. Feel Free To Shop With This Address And We Will Immediately Accept Your Package For You. Some Restrictions Will Be Applied To Your Account If Your Account Is Not Fully Verified.

We Will Accept Us Post Office (usps) Package For You, Only When We Receive "form 1583" And "photo Id" From You. According To The United States Federal Law, We Cannot Receive Any Package Or Mail Delivered By Usps (united State Postal Service) Until We Receive The Usps Form 1583 And At Least One Form Of Photo Identification From You. Please Be Aware That More Than 30% Us Sellers Use Usps, Especially When You Choose "standard Shipping" As Your Shipping Method. Please Ensure That All Of Your Shipments Include Your Complete Shiptobox Address Including Your Street Address And Your Unique Suite Number.

What Is Your Policy Regarding Customer Privacy And Confidentiality?

It Is Our Policy Never To Sell Or Give Away Any Information About Our Customers. We Have The Most Professional Management Team. Our It Department Is Using The Most Secure Database Server To Store Our Customers' Information. The Most Important Thing Is That We Understand Our Customer's Concerns Regarding Confidentiality. The Privacy Of Our Customers Is The Most Importance To Us. Please Find Details In Our "privacy Policy".

What Are The Setup Fee And Membership Fee?

There Is No Setup Fee For Using Our Services. When You Register With Us, You Will Have Two Options Of Account Type, The Business And The Standard. The Standard Membership Is Free For Lifetime And The Business Membership Is $120/year. For More Details And Descriptions Of The Two Memberships Please Refer To

Is The Usa Address Which You Will Give Me, A P.o Box Address Or Else? Gives Our Members A Street Address, Not A P.o. Box. You Will Have A Complete Street Address With A Unique Suite Number. In Addition To This Address, Our Members Can Also Get A U.s. Phone Number For Making Shopping Order. Example:

Tom Small
4060 N. Dupont HWY
Suite # TR00001
New Castle, DE 19720

What Is Credit Card Verification? How Do I Verify My Credit Card?

For Our Security And Your Convenience, We Set This Process To Verify Your Credit Card.

  • When A New Credit Card Is Submitted, A Charge Of Between Us $0.1 And Us $9.9 Is Charged To The Card.
  • We Will Refund The Same Amount To Your Credit Card After 24 Hours.
  • We Will Send You An Email To Notify The Charge And Provide Instructions For Completing The Verification Process. Meanwhile, You Can See Notification In Your User Dashboard.
  • You Check Your Credit Card Online Statement Or Call Your Credit Card Issuer, And Find The Verification Amount We Charged From Your Credit Card.
  • After You Find How Much We Charged Your Credit Card, Please Log In Your Account, Navigate To Your Credit Card In My Profile Section And Enter The Amount In "credit Card Verification" Box. Or You May Send Email With Your Account Number, The Verification Amount With Last Four Digits Of Your Credit Card Number To
  • Our System Confirms The Amount Entered Matches The Amount We Charged, And Approves The Credit Card For Use.

Please Note Your Credit Card May Show Additional Handling Fees. Please Make Sure The Amount You Provide To Us Does Not Include The Handling Fee. Please Note That The Amount You Enter Into Our System Should Be In Us Dollar Instead Of Your Local Currency.

What Can I Do With My Online Account?

You Can Enjoy The Full Service By Using Your Online Account Management Tool.

My Box & History:

You Can Check The Status Of Your Order In This Section. After Its Arrival, We Will Update The Status Of This Order And You Could Arrange A Shipment. If You Want To Return This Order To Your Seller Or Destroy It, You Can Submit The Request In Our System. Also You Will Find Your Box History On This Page.

Order & History:

In This Section You Will Be Able To Check And Modify Your Orders Or Even Cancel Them. The Order History Shows All The Orders You Have Submitted, No Matter Whether It Is A Shipment Or It Is A Destroy Request.

Payment & History:

In This Part, You Will See The Payment That Are Under Processing And Processed Payment.

My Profile:

You Can Change Your Account Information, Payment Information, Personal Information And Address Information Anytime. Also You Can Set Up Your Shipping Preference To Save Your Time For Making Shipping Orders. You Can Download And Upload Necessary Forms In This Section.

Some Functions Will Be Restricted If Your Account Is Not Verified. Some Necessary Verification Processes And Documents: Without "form 1583" And At Least Two Valid "photo Id", You Cannot Request Us To Receive A Usps Package Or Mail For You. Without "credit Card Verification", You Cannot Make Any Payment With Your Credit Card.

How To Cancel My Account?

You Will Need To Send E-mail To To Notify Us. We Will Refund The Business Membership Fee If You Cancel The Service In 30 Days From Registration. However, If We Get Any Package Or Arrange Any Shipment For You In 30 Days After Registration, We Cannot Refund The Membership Fee.

How To Change My Account Type?

Log In Your Account; Click "my Profile" In The Menu. You May Change Your Member Type On The Account Information.

Is A "signature Of Agent/notary Public" Required On The Usps Form 1583?

No, It Is Not Required But Recommended. You Can Choose To Fill It Or Not.

What Is Form 1583? Why Do I Need To Provide Form 1583 And Two Id?

According To The Usps Policy And Us Federal Law, You Need To Provide A Complete Form 1583 And 2 Id (at Least One Must Have Picture With It). Otherwise, We Are Not Allowed To Receive Your Usps Package. Since Usps Is A Common Carrier That Many Us Retailers Will Choose For Their Domestic Shipment, Your Shopping Will Be More Barrier-free If You Can Provide These Necessary Documents To Us.

Can You Scan My Mail And E-mail Me?

Yes, We Do Offer This Service. The Service Fee Is $2 For The First Page And $1 For Every Additional Page.

Can You Receive Mail For My Company?

We Apologize That We Cannot Receive Any Mail Or Package For A Company. Please Make Sure That You Did Not Put Any Company Name On Your Shipping Address.

How Can I Know The Status Of My Package?

The Order Status Will Be Shown In The Order & History Section.

What If My Package Is Damaged During The Shipping Process?

If There Is Any Damage Or Missing Of Your Package, We Will Help You Claim With The Carrier. We Suggest Customers Check Their Packages Before Sign Or Accept. If There's Any Damage, You Can Sign With "damaged Box/ Or Missing Piece". This Might Help Your Further Claim With The Carrier Companies. Usually Carriers Will Refund Damaged Or Missing Products At The Value You Insured Or Declared In Commercial Invoice.

How Much You Charge For The Insurance Of My Shipment?

We Provide Free Insurance Up To $100 Declared Value. If Your Item Value Is Over $100, You Can Purchase Insurance To Protect The Value Of Your Shipment. Relevant Fee Is $2 For Each Additional $100 Declared Value. For Example, If The Item Value Is $300, We Charge $4 Insurance Fee. Insurance Service Is Not Available For Usps Shipments.

Will You Consolidate My Items Into One Package?

We Will Always Try To Consolidate Your Items Into One Box As Your Instruction. Our Shipping Rates (per Pound) Decrease As The Box Weight Increases. So, It Is Always Your Benefit To Have One Large Box Sent Instead Of Several Small Boxes. We Will Not Charge You Any Consolidation-handling Fee For The First Two Packages For Each Shipment. For Additional Packages In Each Shipment, We Will Charge You $3/package For Standard Membership Or $2/package For Business Membership.

What Couriers Do You Use To Send My Merchandise And Documents?

For Express Shipments, Our Primary Couriers Are Dhl And Fedex. Our System Will Select The Most Economical Courier. You Can Also Select Your Preferred Carrier. We Also Offer Usps Express Mail Service (ems) And Usps Priority Mail Service.

How Long Do My Shipments Take To Reach Me?

We Provide Door-to-door Air Express Service. The Transit Time For Express Shipments Is Typically 2-4 Days.

How To Submit An Order?

Login To Your Account.
select The Package(s) You Want Us To Ship. If You Want Us To Consolidate Several Packages Into One Large Package, Click Multiple Packages At One Time.
check "ship My Box", Then Click Submit.
confirm The Shipping Address
fill In The Item Name, Quantity And Unit Value You Would Like To Declare For This Shipment
select Insurance For Your Shipment
put Special Shipping Instruction And Submit The Shipping Order
our Warehouse Will Process Your Shipping Order As Soon As We Get Your Shipping Order In Working Time.

What Is Buyforme Service?

We Purchase The Item(s) And Receive It At Our Warehouse For You. The Order Quotation Includes Item Fee & Buyforme Fee. All Your Items Will Be Stored In Our Warehouse Safely And Wait For Your Regular Mail Forwarding Orders. When You Place Shipping Orders, You Need To Pay Shipping Fee Separately.

What Is Service?

We Provide Nonstop Service, From Item Purchasing To Delivering To Your Door, Including Taking Care Of Customs Duty & Taxes For You. The Order Quotation Covers All Related Fees Such As Item Fee, Buyforme Fee, Customs Duties And Vat, Broker Fee. Broker Fee Will Be Calculated According To Your Item Weight.

What Is Product (item) Price?

if You Select 1 Laptop ($349.99), Your Item Price Is = $349.99.

if You Select 1 Laptop ($349.99) And 1 Pair Of Shoes ($49.00), Your Item Price Is = $349.99 + $49.00 = $398.99

What Is Buyforme Fee?

Shiptobox Buyforme Fee Is $8 + 8% Of The Item Price. This Fee Will Cover Shiptobox Operation Cost (customer Care Center, Warehouse Operation, And Credit Card Transaction Cost). If You Select 1 Laptop ($349.99), Bfm Fee Will Be $8 + $27.99 = $35.99. If You Add A Pair Of Shoes ($49.00), The Fee Will Be $8 + $27.99 + $3.92 = $39.91 (note: This Fee May Change According To Your Shipping Country And Item Value).

What Is Custom, Vat, Clearance Fee?

These Fees Are For Customs Clearance Which Will Be Determined By Each Type Of Item And Item Value. We Collect The Fees When You Place Orders To Ensure Your Item Will Be Shipped Faster. Depending On Which Destination Country You Are Shipping To And Its Customs Regulations, Not All Items Might Be Assessed With These Fees (vat, Clearance, Customs Fees).

What Is Broker Fee?

This Fee Is For Customs Clearance Processing. Broker Fees Is Calculated By Item Weight ($6.00 Per Lbs.), So It Won't Show In The Initial Cost Nor Charged. After We Receive Your Item, We Will Let You Know Your Item Weight And Relative Broker Fee. Broker Fee Will Be Charged After Determining Your Item Weight. Broker Fee Is Calculated As Sampled: 1 Iphone Will Be 3 Lbs. X $6 = $18.00; 1 Pair Of Shoes Is About 4 Lbs. X $6 = $24; 1 Shirt Is 2 Lbs. X $6 = $12.00; 1 Laptop Is 10 Lbs. X $6 = $60.00 Broker Fee Will Vary By Country. Please Check Broker Fee Before Submitting Your Order.

Does My Payment Include International Shipping Fee?

No. We Don't Charge It. You Pay For The Item Fee And Buyforme Fee Only. We Will Let You Know Your Items Weight In Lb Or Kg When We Receive Your Item(s). You Will Be Paying Additional Shipping Fee To Ship This Product To You.

Does My Payment Include Customs Duty And Taxes?

No. It Does Not. You Pay For The Item Fee And Buyforme Fee Only. Each Item Is Subject To Customs Clearance In The Destination Country. While Some Items Can Be Imported Duty And Tax Free, Some Others Will Attract Duty And Taxes. Shiptobox Is Only Responsible For Buying Your Item And Shipping It To You With Your Currier Choice. You Will Be Responsible To Pay Duty And Taxes When The Item Arrives To Your Country. Please Check Your Country Customs Duty And Tax Rates And Regulation Before Placing An Order.

Yes. Your * Fee Includes All Customs Duty, Taxes & Clearance Fee.