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We receive your packages in our own warehouse safely and consolidate for free.

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We have different shipping methods like; FedEx, DHL, USPS etc. Choose any one carrier method.

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Get Unique USA Address Free

When you visit our website, you will get a simple option to Sign Up for Free!
While signing up, you will get two types of membership there;

Standard Membership

If you shop occasionally or one or two times a month, you may use our standard membership. You will get 45 days free storage facility.

Business/VIP Membership

If you are a businessman or frequently buy products from the USA, you can use our Business Membership to get the best shipping rate. You will get 90 days free storage facility.

After signing up, ShipToBox provides you a Unique USA address. Just sign up, and you are ready for shopping!

Shop from USA Stores

Now you can shop from your favorite stores in the USA and get all the great deals of top brands like Amazon, 6 PM, Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren, and Gap. Just use our ShipToBox address at checkout, and all your purchases will be shipped to our USA warehouse.

Shop unlimited with no tax using your unique shipping address. You will get the following benefits as a ShipToBox member:

Tax-Free shopping

Particular country guides with tax information

Email notifications of your purchased items

Tracking information

24/7 customer support

NOTE: If a store does not accept your credit card, use our BuyForMe service.

We Receive and Consolidate

Whenever your items reach our warehouse, we will confirm you through an email notification. We store your items securely in our warehouse. We consolidate your packages to reduce your shipping cost, thanks to our free consolidation service.

You will get the following services from us:

Free Consolidation service

Product Picture if you need

You can recheck your box size and weight

You can see what is inside your box

Product storage security

Do not worry because it is our responsibility to keep your packages safe and secure.

Select a Shipping Method

You may collect your products by yourself; simply come and pickup. Or you can order your boxes. You know that we have different types of
shipping methods. Before submitting the order

Select a shipping method

Or let us choose the least expensive method

Provide your shipping location

If you need you can request extra packaging material

In a hurry? you can choose our fast delivery option (Express Service)

We will process your items from our warehouse and inspect the whole procedure so that you get

  • * Undamaged product
  • * No missing product
  • * Products in time

We Ship To Your Location

You will get your products fast in 2-4 business days. This time may vary according to your country and shipping method. We deliver worldwide
through our trustworthy partners and take care of everything for you.

Whenever your products leave our facility, we take care in every step

We continuously track your shipment's progress

You can know any shipping or delivery related issues as our service team are working 24/7 for you

You can get US products worldwide except Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria

We safely deliver your products exactly to your location

So we are maintaining and taking care of the whole procedure after getting your packages to our USA facility till delivery to your location. You can now Shop hassles-free, shop tax-free, save your money, get your products to your location safely.

So why late? Just leave your all worries in a bucket, Sign-up with ShipToBox today and get dozens of facilities.