Prohibited and Restricted Items

What You CAN'T Ship Internationally from the United States

Flammable and Combustible Liquids

Flammable liquids have a flashpoint at or above 37.8 °C( 100 °F) and below 93.3 °C (200 °F). These include Fuels and many typical items like solvents, thinners, cleaners, adhesives, polishes, waxes, paints, etc.

Pressurized Cans

More than 75% of pressurized cans are steel made of two or three layers of metal. Any pressurized cans, including hair spray, shaving cream, etc. are prohibited.

Hazardous Materials

Some examples of hazardous materials are CBD, Vape oils, chemicals, matches, etc. Many risks may occur because of these products, including toxic chemicals, fuels, nuclear wastes, etc.

Any Types of Weapon and their Parts

Weapons that are used by polices or militaries, including knives, swords, guns, compound and crossbows etc. And gun parts like; night vision goggles, laser sight, optical scopes, etc.

Agricultural products

Through agricultural products, you can reproduce many items. Tobacco, seeds, and plants are some of the examples of agricultural products.


Not all coffee beans are restricted. Only green, raw and unroasted coffee beans are prohibited in all countries.

Perishable foods

Those that spoil fast and need refrigeration. These are prohibited to some destinations.

Animals and products made with animal skin (furs)

Any types of animals and their skins are restricted to ship in some countries. Few raw products, especially furs that are made with animal skin, are also prohibited.


All types of alcoholic drinks like; vodka, whiskey, beer, rum etc. are restricted in some countries.

Currency, Stamps, and Coins

Including cash, money orders, cashier's checks, bonds etc.

Gambling and Lottery Items

All types of lottery tickets, slot machines that can be converted to use coins or currency are restricted in some countries.

Veterinary Prescription Drugs

Veterinary prescription drugs are prohibited by federal law to use. These drugs can be ordered if prescribed by a licensed veterinarian [Section 503(f) food, drug, and cosmetic act].


Pornography is highly restricted to ship. Any types of sexual instruments, CDs, DVDs etc. are extremely prohibited almost in all countries.

Lock picking devices

Some lock picking devices are Autolock bypass keys or jigglers, Concealed handcuff keys, Digital decoders, Lock picking cards and lock picking guns, Lock picking sets, Slim-jims, Tension bars, Training locks, Try-out keys, Tubular lock picks, etc.

Government IDs and licenses

Similar looking to any government identification documents, including uniforms and badges that duplicates any official government-issue.