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Tracking System

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Dimensional weight shipping calculator

Weight is a significant factor for shipping anything nowadays. That is why you need to know how different shipping companies charge for shipping any product internationally. Two types of weights are considered one is actual weight, and the other one is dimensional weight.

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Example 1: Laptop Box

  • Dimension: 45 * 30 * 11 (cm)
  • Dimension Weight: 7 (lb)
  • Actual Weight: 10 (lb)
  • Billable Weight: 10 (lb)

Example 2: Shoe Box

  • Dimension: 14.3 * 7.5 * 5.15 (inch)
  • Dimension Weight: 6 (lb)
  • Actual Weight: 5 (lb)
  • Billable Weight: 6 (lb)

Example 3: Pillow

  • Dimension: 14.3 * 7.5 * 5.15 (inch)
  • Dimension Weight: 6 (lb)
  • Actual Weight: 5 (lb)
  • Billable Weight: 6 (lb)

What is Actual Weight?

Actual weight is a very simple term. You can measure your product's physical weight by putting it on a scale or weight machine. So, actual weight refers to your product's original or physical weight.

What is Dimensional Weight?

Dimensional Weight is an estimated weight calculated from a product's length, width, and height. This dimensional weight is used for commercial freight transfer, including postal and courier service

How to Measure Dimensional Weight?

The big shipping companies like; FedEx, USPS, DHL etc follow the same guidelines to calculate dimensional weight, which is also known as DIM Weight. We will be able to understand this measurement method in three steps below;

  • 1. First, multiply parcel's length with width with Height (L × W × H) = Cubic Inches
    For example; let's think you have a package that is 26″ × 16″ × 12″ = 4,992 Cubic Inches
  • 2. Divide Cubic Inches by DIM Factor which is 139 {(L × W × H)/139} = DIM Weight
    4,992 Cubic Inches/ 139 = 35.91 lbs.
  • 3. Now rounded up to the nearest whole number
    That means 35.91 will count as 36, so the DIM weight = 36 lbs.

What is DIM Factor?

DIM Factor is a mathematical value that represents cubic inches per pound. Without dividing the DIM Factor by cubic inches you cannot find out the DIM Weight. Almost all courier companies now use this DIM Factor to determine the dimensional weight.

What is Billable Weight?

Billable Weight means the rate that you have to pay for shipping. To find out billable weight, compare the package's actual weight to its dimensional weight. The billable weight will be whichever is greater. For example; Actual Weight is 5 pounds and Dimensional Weight is 8 pounds, then the billable Weight will be considered 8 pounds. On the other hand, if an Actual weight is 10 pounds and the Dimensional weight is 8 pounds, then the billable Weight will be 10 pounds.

This calculation is for both domestic and international shipments

Why This Billable System?

Previously billable weight was considered according to the actual weight and distance. That means the more actual weight and distance, the more charging price will be.

But this became a problem when online shopping was spreading. Because of the offers and discounts, the shipping quantity was increasing

One another problem was carrying light-weight packages but occupying huge spaces. That results in more fuel costs and lower returns. That is why all shipping companies decided after 2015 to consider the greater weight from actual and dimensional weight for charging.

Currency Converter

ShipToBox launched this currency converter tool for your ease. You can use this converter to check your shopping and shipping rates of your local currency. This way, you can get a clear idea of the amount that you have to expend.