People from many countries love to shop from U.S. market. Here are few main reasons why they prefer to do shopping from U.S. online stores or retailers:

  • They want to buy branded products directly from the US retailers or US online stores
  • The products which they want to buy are not available in their own countries
  • The products are more cheaper in U.S. online stores or in retail market compare to their area
  • They want to buy latest products which will take time to launch in their countries. People don’t want to wait for a year to get a product which already launched in the US.

And these are the main reasons, they started to shop from U.S. online stores or retailers and ship them to their own countries.

International shopping rate is continuously increasing from last few years. But still there are many online stores and retailers who don’t provide international shipping. Even they don’t ship to U.S. PO Box. They only ship to U.S. physical address. So if International shoppers want to buy products from these U.S. online stores or retailers, they must have a U.S. physical address. And this is a big problem for international shoppers that how to get a U.S. physical address without living in the USA physically. But finally they have a solution – Mail Forwarding Service.

Yes, there are many companies who provide a physical U.S. address & mail forwarding services to international shoppers, so they can use this address for shipping products while they are doing shopping from U.S. online stores or retailers.

ShipToBox is one of the most reliable company who provides you a FREE physical U.S. address for your online shopping and ship products in very cheap rate to your location. So if you are planning to buy any gadget or cosmetics or anything from USA, then simply sign-up with ShipToBox and get your tax free U.S. address today. Enjoy your hassle-free US shopping and we deliver your things at your door step in your countries with minimal shipping cost.


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