Do you want to buy items from U.S online stores or retailers? You can do with ShipToBox.

ShipToBox helps international shoppers to buy branded products in the USA and ship those products home for cheap, through package consolidation and discounted shipping rates.

But international shoppers are always wondering what bargains are work battling for accorss the border. So before you start your shopping from the U.S. online stores or retailers, let’s know what peaple are buying from the USA

What Men are Buying from USA

Electronics & Computers 77%
Clothes 68%
Shoes & Accessories 59%
Books, Movies & Music 52%
Sports & Outdoors 44%
Office Supplies 39%
Toys & Games 35%
Auto Parts & Industrial 31%
Collectibles 26%
Home & Garden 18%

What Women are Buying from USA

Clothes 81%
Shoes, Bags & Accessories 75%
Makeup & Cosmetics 69%
Jewelry 64%
Kids & Baby Clothing 58%
Books, Movies & Music 51%
Electronics & Computers 44%
Home & Garden 35%
Toys & Games 29%
Sports Gear 23%

Now you have an idea about people buying behaviors. So start your shopping today with ShipToBox. Sign-up free and get a tax free U.S. physical address.


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