consolidating and saving

ShipToBox is dedicated to assisting you with all of your global shipments. That is why, we provide you with the consolidation service.

ShipToBox helps you save money on delivery by ensuring proper packaging. We have enough experience in how to pack your package in such a way that your product is secure and additional costs are minimized. The following is what we do for you.

By removing extra, oversized packaging, we will maximize shipment density. Since oversized boxes need extra cushioning, they cost more to ship by air.

You may be wondering how Consolidation works! Consolidation is the process of merging multiple orders into a single tracking number, ensuring that all of your shipments arrive together but in their original packaging.

How We Save Your Money

The first 1 Lbs is normally the most expensive for International shipments due to the processing costs associated with Express Services (which includes courier pickup, customs clearance, and courier delivery).

If packages are delivered separately, each package will be charged separately for the first 1 Lbs.

  1. Let’s say you have purchased few products from different brands that come in 3 separate boxes…


2.  We will Open your boxes and start our process for consolidation and convert that into one box!


When shipments are consolidated, several parcels are delivered together to the same address on the same airway bill. This is how we save your money up to 80% on each shipment!

So, why are you waiting for? just grab this opportunity. You can impress your beloved ones giving gifts from USA, you can run you own business buying directly from USA, or you can use our storage and directly sell your customers from USA. We will be your best partner. Join us today! 


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