Often you may need to buy USA brands but unfortunately, because of huge sales Tax you cannot buy. Thanks to ShipToBox as it can provide you the facility to buy without Tax. 

Yes, when you ship internationally with ShipToBox, you’ll pay no US sales tax! Our members are smart enough. They always save in shopping and shipping. 

Some USA Zones are free from Taxes. Our warehouse is located in Delaware which is one of the Tax-free zones. Simply shop online using our exclusive postal (ZIP) code and everything you buy and ship overseas is tax-free!

USA free zones 

Around 293 free trade zones (FTZs) known as “Foreign Trade Zones” are operated by the US government throughout the 50 states. Businesses benefit from these zones in a variety of ways, including:

  • There are no customs duties on goods imported into the FTZ and then re-exported outside the United States.
  • Import duties and excise taxes are postponed until imported goods reach the US mainland outside of the FTZ.
  • Inverted tariffs are allowed, which means that products processed in the zone benefit from lower import taxes if the finished product has lower taxes than its imported constituent parts.
  • Because FTZs are hubs of import activity, they have streamlined customs processes that help our clients save time and money. 
  • While goods are in the zone, they are exempt from ad valorem taxes and state taxes, reducing the tax costs associated with inventory.
  • Import duties on raw materials brought in by companies with government or military contracts are exempted entirely.
  • No duty is paid on damaged goods exported between two FTZs. 
  • Only goods that are harmful to the public, such as alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, are prohibited in the FTZ.
  • Retailing of foreign goods is prohibited within an FTZ.
  • In terms of annual manufacturing/production of exports, Texas, Louisiana, and South Carolina run the most famous free zones in the United States.

Which Brands You Can Buy?

You can buy the top-rated following brands or even more brands from USA without paying Tax!

How You Can Get The Facility?

Now let’s move to the most important part of this article that how you can get this facility?

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