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Have you considered expanding your company internationally? You can shop from USA and sell worldwide customers to solve their problems as well as to generate profit for your business. You can sell products from USA to your international customers. 

Is it possible?


ShipToBox will help you in every step of your business.

But before that let us tell why you need to expand your business globally.

Increase Demand for Your Product

USA products have high demand globally. When you begin to open yourself up to a global audience, catering to consumers from all over the world will help you increase demand for your goods.

Use the USA Brand’s Power

If you’re selling products made in the United States, you can use the country’s prestige and popularity to raise the attention of international buyers. Many customers love to buy quality American goods, if you sell products with the label “Made in the USA” will increase their interest.

Increase Your Profit

Do you know that international trade is significantly increasing day by day? withing 2025 it will become the most profitable as the world is getting closer with the advanced AI based technology. Even you can sell double in price and increase your profit if your consumers are locating globally. 

Reduce Risk 

When it comes to running a company, risk will always be present, but there are ways to reduce the risk for small businesses. Diversifying income by generating additional revenue sources is one way to minimize risk. You can expand your product’s demand globally and get global customers. If a consumer’s demand in your domestic market declines, you can also prioritize global customers. This is how you can manage and reduce risk.

Now I hope that you are a little bit interested in expanding your business globally, right? But the process is not so easy! Thanks to ShipToBox as it makes the whole process easier for you.

Why Do You Need ShipToBox?

Why Do You Need ShipToBox?

  • USA wholesalers usually do not ship worldwide. You can do business if you are living in the USA but if you are not a USA citizen it will be almost impossible for you. 
  • You may face many problems paying customs duty while importing your products from the USA. But what if? If ShipToBox does all tasks for you! 
  • You have to pay lots of shipping charges if you want to import varieties of products in separate boxes. But thanks to ShipToBox that it has a long term partnership with FedEx, DHL, Aramex, EMS, and United States Postal Service. That is why you can save a lot in shipping. 
  • You can earn more trust from your customers if you can deliver directly from the USA. ShipToBox has an online warehouse management system where you can get the facility to store your products and directly sell from USA! 
  • Moreover, ShipToBox has a special repackaging and consolidation service which will allow you to reduce your shipping cost by almost 50 to 60% on each shipping! 

Now I think that you have decided to expand your business. Whatever your business size, no matter, join ShipToBox today and start or expand your own business!


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